To start using our syrups, just mix one ounce (two tablespoons, or to taste) with five ounces of soda water.  You can stop there for a simple and tasty soda, or experiment with our pairing suggestions to create something just for you!  For great, easy recipes, click on the recipe tab above.


elderflower Elderflower
The Elder or Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a large shrub or tree that grows throughout Europe (some species grow in the U.S. as well, most commonly Sambucus canadensis and Sambucus cerulea). Revered in Scandinavian and British folklore, the elder was once reputed to ward off evil spirits, and its flowers and berries have been used as food and medicine for hundreds of years.  The flowers are used in many countries to make syrup (or cordial, a similar product, in Britain), wine or liqueur. Elderflower syrup is most often found in beverages but is sometimes used to flavor marmalades, trifles or other sweets.  In Germany and Austria the flowers turn up in fritters – the entire flower head is battered and fried and sprinkled with sugar.

These tiny, perfect blooms have a distinctive, captivating flavor that has been compared with lychees, honey, passionfruit and vanilla. St. Germain, the well-known French liqueur that’s flavored with them, has been nicknamed “bartender’s bacon” since it plays nicely with a wide variety of other flavors. Our natural elderflower syrup is cold-steeped to preserve its delicate, delicious flavor. Lightly floral with a warm, earthy undertone, it pairs especially well with gin and citrus fruits.

Pairing suggestions:  lime, lemon, grapefruit, apple, mint, chamomile, honey, vanilla, black tea (spirits – gin, vodka, white rum, Grand Marnier, sparkling wines)


rose  Double Rose
Roses have been used to flavor food and drink for centuries. Rose water in particular was enjoyed as a primary flavoring by American and European bakers until the mid-1800s, when vanilla flavoring became more popular and widely available. (Rose water is a by-product of the perfume industry and is created by the distillation of rose petals with steam, a process  invented and refined in present-day Iran in the Middle Ages.)

Layered and indulgent, our double rose syrup begins with heaps of rose buds for full, voluptuous flavor. A touch of cardamom brings warmth and mystery, while Tahitian vanilla adds complex floral and cherry notes and a mild, creamy taste. It’s finished with a splash of rose water for a boost of flavor and lovely, classic fragrance. Unabashedly romantic and pretty, it’s perfect for weddings, bridal showers, mothers’ day brunch, afternoon tea, or other grand occasions.

Pairing suggestions:  orange, grapefruit, strawberry, lime, lemon, vanilla, jasmine, almond, pistachio, cardamom (spirits – gin, bourbon, brandy, amaretto, sparkling wines)


ginger  Ginger
If you love the taste of fresh ginger, you’ll adore Fizzbloom’s all-natural ginger syrup.  Sweet, warm and spicy with loads of fresh ginger – just add your own soda water for a terrific ginger beer flavor.  Although all of our syrups are micro-filtered before bottling, you’ll see a lot of that ginger settled at the bottom, so it’s especially important to shake thoroughly before you use it.  It makes the ultimate Moscow Mule and is also a great addition to a tall glass of iced tea.  Or try it in smoothies, drizzled over ice cream or fresh fruit, or even as a glaze for carrots or sweet potatoes!

Pairing suggestions:  most fruits and fruit juices, black or green tea, honey, vanilla, basil, many other herbs & spices (spirits – bourbon, vodka, rum . . . almost anything!)